My page intro poem


One and all to my page

This poem is here for the ones

Who read welcomes

Well this is warm

I welcome one

and all with open arms

Enjoy the work because

This my life

My poetry

My words

My life on a page

To the women in my life

To all the women

In my life you have

Truly given me

A reason to write

Because the stories

You tell me are

A key into mine

The women in my life

Yeah i feel

The love you have given me

The many moments we share

Living life

And conversating on what

Is on my mind

The women in my life

Have shown me strength in

Their pain

And its beautiful

To you i write this for

This an ode

To the women

In my life

Written in blood

I am doing what I love and not giving a damn can’t you see that I am more than just a man I am a Creator and innovator with my own thoughts written in the moment I have written my poems with Blood Sweat and Tears coming from my brow can’t you see can’t you feel it can’t you hear it now I am in my own Zone my own Throne I am the king of my creativity I am the nobility of Tranquility I found my peace in everything that I do can’t you see that I do this for you I do this for me I do this for everyone who wants to read can’t you see that I’m inclined to do what is on my mind I feel like a rapper but I feel more like a poet Pac taught me well Can’t you see I Rose from the concrete I’ve written this in blood I’ve written this and blood I have written this in blood

Love turned to lust

Looking for love
I have been in a haze of isolation
Depressed and anxious
I feel like i cant talk to girls
Because i feel for one and then
If it doesnt bloom
Inro a friendship
Just using me idley
For their pleasure
Looking for love on the internet
I gotten lost
Forshaking reality
Like J cole said
I have fell in love with
The photographic images
Looking for love
When it really turns into looking for lust


Love is beautiful
Love is hell
Love is all i need 
Love can blind you
Love can set you free
Love is love 
Love is like a warm 
Love is a job
Love is 
Tell me what love